Antique Clocks, Horology, and Teacher Leadership

How do education leaders best support building capacity while validating the work of both formal and informal leaders in their systems? In this article, Todd Manuel will describe a leadership series run in School District 67 that emphasizes leadership as a shared responsibility, not as a rank. Meeting over eight Saturday mornings over the past year and a half, thirty educators have committed to being part of this project.


Author(s): Todd Manuel

Becoming the leader you want to follow: Finding the courage to truly lead

Research confirms quality leadership and quality learning are directly correlated. Supporting a school community to truly thrive, today’s transformational leader requires an abundance of courage. In this capacity, courage can be considered at three levels, each cultivated by five distinct voices.


Author(s): Wendy Macken

Social-Emotional Learning Informed Leadership Development

Attached is a combined academic/narrative style of submission. The author has attempted to provide provide a personal account of her TELP experiences, current research within this area and how this relates to her inquiry interest area on the topic of social emotional learning and leadership development.


Author(s): Heather Rose

Assessment for Learning: We’re Not Done Yet!!!

The powerful impacts of Assessment for Learning (AfL) have a deep evidence base. Despite this research being available for decades, Dr. Lorna Earl worries that we have barely started the AfL journey, that we have become complacent and are skimming the belief systems and practices that will fulfil the promise of AfL. Could a national network make th


Author(s): Lorna Earl

Why should we care about informal leadership?

There is no doubt there are different levels of leadership and that within any given school there will be individuals who have characteristics of a traditional leader; but it is the emerging leader, the influencer, who takes center stage in this story.


Author(s): Rachelle Buch Goncalves

Harnessing the Power of Middle Leadership

Leadership can take many forms. This paper outlines early lessons learned in a case study featuring a committed group of formal leaders embarking on a collaborative inquiry journey, organized and facilitated by a teacher-leader.


Author(s): Brian Davidson