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A Journey of Inquiry, Growth and Passion

What does it take to be a teacher who scans their learners, learning environment, and their own practice with curiosity and a eagerness to learn? Using the characteristics of an Inquiry Teacher, as defined in her upcoming book with Trevor Mackenzie, Rebecca Bathurst-Hunt frames the transformations that she and her students experienced.


Author(s): Rebecca Bathurst-Hunt

Tricksters As Transformative Teachers

The work of story, in our lives and in our learning, shapes our way of being. In this paper, Jana Fox shares how she most recently experienced the power of story during an exploration about how Indigenous ways of knowing and being inform her role as an Indigenous person and educator. Read to find out how she came to know Trickster as her teacher.


Author(s): Jana Fox

Supporting Low Achievement Math Learners in Grade 8: Creating programs to support student transition

Students who find themselves two or more grade levels below their peers require additional, intentional programming to be successful. This paper explores programs implemented at Argyle Secondary in North Vancouver, programs that attempt to build scaffolds and supports to allow students to catch up on and fill in the gaps of their learning.


Author(s): Brigitte Gerandol

Side-by-Side Learning: A Case Study using the Spiral of Inquiry to Lead Learning for Students, Educators, and School Districts

This paper explores the impact of a collaborative inquiry framework on student and educators' learning in a small, rural secondary school. Powerful transformations can take place when teachers embrace research-informed practices, developing their capacity as a community of learners to embrace meaningful learning.


Author(s): Deborah Koehn

Leading at the School Level: Establishing a Culture of Curiosity

If we believe changing outcomes for students depends on teacher learning, then we must cultivate a culture of learning in our schools. In doing so, a leader’s focus shifts from managing the building to designing learning environments in which the adults move from being employees to being learners. Here is how one school made this shift.


Author(s): Barb Hamblett

Academic Service Learning: Empowering Students to take Action

Looking under the rug, so to speak, can be a humbling experience. Doing so as a staff can be powerful and instructive. We looked under the rug and found some pretty enlightening truths. This article explores how Academic Service Learning can increase students' intellectual engagement in learning.


Author(s): Aaron Akune