5 responses to “Self-Care for Leadership: Using Indigenous Wisdom, Nature, and Wonder to Thrive”

  1. Brenda Brown

    Thank you for this important reminder.

  2. Elsa Kollar

    HI Christine, I am very happy for all your accomplishments in Prince Rupert, you have been a good asset to our School District! Congratulations!!!

  3. Shawna Flaten

    Well done, Christine! An important topic to be explored.

  4. Cole

    This is beautiful Christine, thank you for sharing Hagwil Ya’an. It is helpful in this time. To walk slowly. Your photos shed new light.

  5. Shauna Moore

    Hi Christine. This is awesome! I read and listened! I am thankful to have worked with you in the past…and present…always such great advice and knowledge.

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