Developing a Framework for Enhancing Student Learning Using the Spirals of Inquiry Framework

This how an administrative team worked within their district's Framework for Enhancing Student Learning and used the Spirals of Inquiry process to support their staff and students to delve into the redesigned BC curriculum.


Author(s): Christel Brautigam

Spirals of a Classroom Teacher: Creating efficient learning cultures

Spirals of an in-class teacher outlines the process developed to implement Spirals of Inquiry in a high-school semester setting. This article is meant to read as a narrative about how the author executed an efficient Spiral of inquiry inquiry in his classroom.


Author(s): Thomas Lowe

Deeper Learning in The Delta School District’s Fine Arts Academies

Academies disrupt the way we assess, the way we grade, the way we teach, who teaches, who’s in the class, where we have class, and even the school schedule itself is susceptible to disruption. Academies are systems changing programs.


Author(s): Paige Hansen

From Meaningful Learning to Deeper Learning: Perspectives on Knowledge Construction

Reflections of a teaching high school principal on learning strategies, student engagement and leadership within the context of knowledge, deep learning and how best to navigate the redesigned curriculum.


Author(s): Paul Hembling

Symmetry and Emergence: Coherence, Collaboration, and Curiosity … A Journey

We embarked on a transformation journey approximately ten years ago. But the question remains: how do we embed transformational learning into our learning communities.


Author(s): Lynn Archer