Fall 2021


TELP Impact Report

We are very excited to share Unleashing the Power of Transformative Educational Leadership, an independent evaluation of TELP prepared by Dr. Louise Stoll (UCL Institute of Education, London). UBC’s Transformative Educational Leadership Program (TELP) is making a difference for educational leaders across the province.


Author(s): Transformative Educational Leadership Program

Nurturing well-being in our school community

Woven with images, research excerpts, quotes, and the voices of the educators and young learners in her school, Barb Hamlet shares a beautiful portrait of the Spiral of Inquiry at work in her school. Flip through this case study about well-being and transformation and you'll see the bold heart and head work in action.


Author(s): Barb Hamblett

Beyond Culturally Responsive Education

In this exploration about Indigenous education in Canada, Jo Chrona uses a stance of curiosity to help a colleague come to terms with his big question around why the BC Curriculum specifically includes Indigenous knowledges and perspectives. This question is so common as to be a cliché - and Jo's response opens those who ask it to a new paradigm.


Author(s): Jo Chrona