Spring 2022


Two Ways of Knowing

While out in nature appreciating the beauty of the land, an educator explores what the pandemic has left behind in its wake.


Author(s): Andrei Sala

Being Humble While Remaining Confident

One of the hardest parts of being a school leader is remaining humble and in-tune with the people you are leading. An educator relates a story in which practicing humility helped him make a breakthrough.


Author(s): Marc Daneault

Caring for the Adults who Care for Students

How one leader's approach to noticing, encouraging, and celebrating others influenced the culture of a school and community.


Author(s): Jesse Bruce

Designing a Leadership Program

A peek behind the curtain of how to design a successful leadership program. Find out more about the scaffolding and design work behind UBC's Transformative Educational Leadership Program.


Author(s): Linda Kaser, Judy Halbert

Catalytic Affiliation within the Networks of Inquiry and Indigenous Education

This multimedia collaboration and team presentation speaks to the learning that sparked each member as an effect of their connections.


Author(s): Lynn Archer, Jana Fox, Barb Hamblett & Angela Stott, Natalie Mansour, Begonya Folch Martinez, Brooke Moore, Ingela Netz & Lillemor Rehnberg