May 2021


Leading the Learning: Leadership development pre-and during Covid-19

In this article, Nancy and Brad share how they have helped school leaders lead through the pandemic. Despite the temptation during the crises to withdraw and pause, the authors discuss how continual professional learning is needed now more than ever in order to help leaders connect with their purpose and lean into their capacity.


Author(s): Nancy Gordon Brad Bauman

Never Let A Good Crisis Go to Waste

In this paper, leadership from the Yukon Department of Education share how they responded to the pandemic with a socio-emotional stance on leadership development, incorporating human behaviour with change management and organizational effectiveness.


Author(s): Nicole Morgan Paula Thompson

Building a Supportive Spirals of Inquiry Leadership Model

To sustain a learning system over time, careful consideration for and equitable promotion of the conditions that allow learning leadership to flourish is a challenge worth tackling - even in a global pandemic. District leader Lisa Carson shows how schools are emerging from this isolating pandemic as connected and networked learning organizations.


Author(s): Lisa Carson

An inquiry mindset and the Spiral of Inquiry as higher education during a pandemic

During the pandemic, the authors of this paper developed and launched a university course at Sweden's Uppsala University built on the Spiral of Inquiry. Built from the ground up, this paper offers a behind the scenes look at the design work that goes into supporting leadership development at the graduate level.


Author(s): Ingela Netz Lillemor Rehnberg

Mining the Silver Linings of a COVID-19 Cloud

In their article, Lynn and Christel share how the pandemic invited them to explore the silver linings their District leadership team discovered in the pandemic. Read on to find out how the pandemic and District supports provided a catalyst for widespread innovation and deepened relationships.


Author(s): Lynn Archer Christel Brautigam