Submission Information

Contributing to the Transformative Educational Leadership Journal

All educators and researchers are encouraged to submit a contribution to the Journal.

You are encouraged to peruse the previous issues to get a sense of the Journal content. The goals for the TEL Journal are to:

  • Share the stories of transformative educational practice within British Columbia and the Yukon
  • Positively influence the provincial discourse amongst practitioners and scholars
  • Support and provoke educational transformation in the service of every student in BC and the Yukon walking the stage with dignity, purpose, options and curiosity.

All issues will feature contributions that address these goals – explicitly and/or implicitly. We publish two issues a year.

The digital format of the Journal means you are not restrained by word count. You may consider formats such as:

  • a video
  • an animation
  • an article
  • a narrated slide deck
  • a formal academic paper
  • a narrative account
  • a combination of media

Deadlines for submissions are April 1st and October 1st of every year. If you are considering submitting a contribution to this Journal, you are encouraged to discuss your ideas with a member of the Editorial Board.

Journal Editor and Editorial Board

The recommendation to include a submission in the TEL Journal will be made by at least two members of the editorial board. In matters of journal content, grammar, and style, the Editor-in-Chief, or designate, will have the final say. Selections will be made based on the degree to which the submission aligns with one or more of the Journal’s goals. The board is looking particularly for instances where research and practice are bridged in clear and impactful ways.

An author will retain copyright of their work. Should an author disagree with revisions proposed by the Editor-in-Chief, the author may withdraw the article in question at any time.

If you wish to join the editorial board, please contact Editor-in-Chief:

The journal will benefit from a team willing to review, recommend, edit, and proof submissions.